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EmbOdicare had very humble beginnings back in 2015, in the kitchen of a small 2-bedroom apartment. By this time, I had been living in Phoenix, Arizona for about seven (7) years and I noticed a considerable change in my skin and hair over the years. Both had become very dry and my hair, thin and brittle. I had tried many lotions, creams, serums, shampoos and conditioners, only to be left with even drier skin and hair in the end. So I decided to take control of my own skin and hair care by taking matters in to my own hands...literally!

Spawned from the arid Arizona desert, hand crafted and packaged; a safe, fresh, naturally chemical-free body balm was born.....just for my own personal use. I started to see improvement in the condition of my skin so I eventually began using small amounts on my hair and saw similar results. As time went on, I shared my balm with family and friends. With much positive feedback,  the development of the body balm(s) took off. Shortly there after, EmbOdicare was launched in February of 2016 and has evolved into a very conscious way of life, from the outside in. Indulge yourself in the therapy-like aroma of EmbOdicare products and participate in our EmbOdi-U services. There's always a little something to enhance your mind, body and spirit. Welcome to beauty, undefined! 

It's safe, fresh and naturally chemical-free! 


EmbOdicare products are readily available, fresh and shipped within 24 hours.  Each product has its creation & expiration date listed on its container, as well as its ingredients. This ensures that you know exactly what you are getting in each EmbOdicare product. Full product descriptions available online. Products are available in 8 oz or less only to minimize waste, enhance effectiveness and to promote continuous usage. This also helps to maintain its level of freshness. Remember, the longer a product sits and/or it takes for that product to get from a manufacturer to a retailer (store shelf) to the consumer (you), the less safe and effective it becomes. EmbOdicare ships fast and fresh, direct to you! And to top it off, there are NO HARMFUL additives, chemicals, preservatives, dyes or perfumes in any EmbOdicare product! Now available online!

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123 N Centennial Way Suite 216

Mesa, Arizona 85201

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Thurs-Sun 10:00am - 3:00pm 


Embodi-U! services by appt only through enrollment online.


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(480) 749-1682





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